Rising popularity of flame light bulb is quite an impressive thing. This is a unique type of light, which offer candle light effect without having real flame and without releasing harmful smoke. Naturally, it is more eco-friendly option and also cost-effective as well. A candle would hardly give you light for 2-3 hours. But, flame light bulb can serve you for longer. It comes with replaceable batteries, and thus you just need to change battery to light it on when old battery is out of charge. These lights are portable too. You can take them to any place you want.

Types of Flame Light Bulb

Traditionally, flame light refers to the light that has been generated through open combustion of materials that catches fire. For example, during camping trips, many of us use to collect dry wood pieces to create flame light at evening. Due to the presence of fire flame, this type of lighting has been noted as flame lighting. Candles can also be included into traditional flame light category. With the advent of time, we have now artificial flame light bulb to replace the traditional ones. In the marketplace, buyers can come across two types of flame light bulb. The first type is LED light bulb and another type is non-LED bulb.

LED bulbs are mostly popular than non-LED lights for some obvious reasons. The LED flame light bulb comes with high durability assurance. It requires low power output to illuminate. Traditional lights consume more energy for illumination. Hence, in this way LED lights are more cost-effective and good for the environment. Another important thing is that LED lights can be operated through batteries seamlessly. They shall provide excellent performance and seamless durability. LED flame light bulb offer cold light – there would not be any heating issues.

Due to all the reasons mentioned above, LED flame lights are considered as more effective as well as useful than traditional or conventional lights. Based upon the needs of users, different types of LED flame light bulb are available. For example, there are portable and non-portable bulbs. Flame quality could be different with different flame light bulb manufacturers. So, overall buyers have plenty of choices. In order to purchase these bulbs, buyers can opt for online stores. Since they are popular, they can be found easily at online stores as well as physical stores.

Features and Applications of Flame Light Bulb

Flame light bulb can be used for different purposes at different occasions. These unique lights come with many interesting as well as excellent features. So, it is worth to know about features and usage of these lights. IN the following section, we shall do that.

1. Replacement of Natural Flame

Flame light bulb can be considered as replacement of natural flame light. Natural flame lights come with chances of creating fire hazards. LED flame lights are safer choices from this aspect. Most importantly, natural flames due to fire ignition can cause environmental hazards. A piece of candle can contribute immensely to global warming. It may release harmful gases that can potentially cause many sorts of environmental hazards. Analyzing all these aspects, it is obvious to say that flame light bulb is a better alternative to the traditional flame light.

2. Amazing Option for Interior Décor

For decoration of interior, flame light bulb can be used. They can make the interior turning into amazing cozy as well as romantic. Imagine that your house is light up with a lot of candles. The same effect can be achieved with these LED bulbs without having any risks for fire hazard or environmental damages. Many people love candle light dinner arrangement at home. For them, flame light bulb is a perfect option. Without actually lighting up a candle, you shall get the best feel candle light dinner with your partner.

3. Great Choice for Birthday or Event Décor

If you are hosting an event and expecting some guests, you should spend enough time in decorating event venue so that guests can feel cozy and they would appreciate your interior designing efforts. For decorating event venue, it is always good to use flame light bulb. They are not just beautiful in appearance, but also cost-effective. You can cut down electricity expense immensely with installation of these lights at the event venues.

4. Amazing Gifts on Different Occasions

If you are not sure what to gift someone on the upcoming Christmas, then choose flame light bulb and get appreciated for such a meticulous gift. Gifting candles is a Christmas ritual for many people. Well, on this upcoming Christmas, instead of gifting the regular candles, you can give surprise to your partner with amazingly beautiful LED flame light bulb. They look excellent and they provide unique illumination effect.

5. Various Applications

LED flame light bulb has plenty of scopes for application. In other words, these bulbs can be used for many purposes. They can be used at restaurants to create romantic as well as charming ambience. For decorating home interior on certain events like Christmas or birthdays, these bulbs can be used. Flame light bulb can be used for decorating event venue interior. In fact, it can be used for the purpose of decorating outdoor area of event venue or houses.

Recommended Products for the Users

1. Creative Hobbies A101 Flicker Flame Light Bulb – 3 Watt, 130 Volt

Creative Hobbies A101 Flicker Flame Light Bulb – 3 Watt, 130 Volt

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This is an excellent product if you are looking for non-LED flame light bulb. The product is cost-effective, as power consumption level is minimal. It gives unique as well as excellent illuminating effects. From a little far, it looks like real flame. The product package comes with 10 light bulbs.

  • Creative Hobbies® A101 Unique Flame Shaped small light bulb flickers with a soft orange glow like a real candle flame!
  • Low wattage saves energy and gives ambiance and not bright light (only 3 watts), 1500 Hour Avg Life
  • Petite size fits many applications like window candles, sconces, chandeliers (only 2.5″ overall)
  • Candelabra Base (night light size) with nickle plated screw base for corrosion resistance.
  • 130 volt standard electric US voltage. Pack of 10 bulbs wholesale priced.

2. LIFU LED Flame Bulb – Fire Light Effect

LIFU LED Flame Bulb – Fire Light Effect

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If you are seeking cost-effective LED lights for Christmas décor of your house, you can definitely opt for this product. This flame light bulb is a perfect option for decorating house interior as well as exterior on Christmas, Halloween and other events. Cost-effective LED light offers seamless illuminating result.

  • 【LIGHT LIFE, FASIONABLE MAKE BETTER】– Like moving flaming fire torch from the bulb base to the top and exact 1300K color is close to true fire color.you control the different flickers by your original ON/OFF switch.
  • 【LIGHT LIFE, AVAILABLE MAKE BETTER】– Artificial Vivid Fire, Dynamic Moving Flame, Simulate Nature Fire Flicker Flame, wonderful Replacement of Traditional Gas Lantern,like Retrofit Oil Lamp or Hurricane Lamp.
  • 【LIGHT LIFE, DURABLE MAKE BETTER】– Durable flame bulb, long lifespan up to 5,000 hours, high quality.It’s hard to burn out.
  • 【LIGHT LIFE, SUITABLE MAKE BETTER】– Suitable for all kinds of lampshade. Better lamp for hotel, restaurant, bar, cafe, garden, home decoration, and Christmas Halloween decorations.
  • 【LIGHT LIFE, COMPATIBLE MAKE BETTER】– E26/E27 Base compatible, AC100V-265V, 50/60Hz. Perfect for US.

3. CPPSLEE – LED Flame Light Bulb – E26 Standard Base – 105 pcs

CPPSLEE – LED Flame Light Bulb – E26 Standard Base – 105 pcs

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For the purpose of decorating house during some occasions or for creating flame light effects in restaurants or pubs, this product can be chosen. Cost-effective LED lights give power saving assurance to the buyers. This set of LED flame light bulb is durable too.

  • CPPSLEE Flame Bulb type fit all your standard E26 hold-screws, fire down bulb fit your down hold-screws, fire up bulb fit the up hold-screws,both are safe,green energy saving and excellent heat dissipation.
  • SAFE & GREEN ENERGY SAVING:CPPSLEE flame lamp simulates natural flame, flickering flame light bulbs, no open flame, no UV and infrared radiation.The input voltage is AC90-265v and the power is 1.8W.Save 90% of electricity from traditional flame bulbs, save electricity and save money.
  • USAGE RECOMMENDATION: For better flame flickering effective , install bulb in a frosted glass shade, lantern, salt lamp etc. The Artificial Vivid Fire, Dynamic Moving Flame, Simulate Nature Fire Flicker Flame, wonderful Replacement of Traditional Gas Lantern.
  • APPLICATION: Great for Home decoration, Bedroom, Living Room, Bar, Hotel, Night Clubs, Outdoor Gardens, Restaurant, Coffee shop, Villas, Wedding decorations, Party, Church, Castle and more.Decorative bulb, warm flame colors decorate your space and give you a quiet, romantic and relaxing moment.
  • FREE WARRANTY: Lifetime warranty, 50000 hours lifespan, 30 days money back guarantee, E26 Standard Base type, AC100V-240V, 50/60Hz