Come into a room but is as simple as getting the right bulb to alter the room completely. Below are some of the best bulbs that you can get at affordable prices and are assured to make you feel different about any space you install them in.

6-Pack Edison Light Bulb

Based on the great inventor’s innovation, this sixty watt, 110 volts, the bulb will bring an old age flair to any modern room and make it feel opulent. Its build is quite is quite sturdy looking thanks to a squirrel cage feature that makes the bulbs” aesthetics quite incomparable. The 2.6-inch bulbs can fit into any E26 screw base or E27 and can be used for accent lighting thanks to the incandescent filament in the bulbs. They will last anywhere between twenty-five thousand to thirty hours which roughly translates to two and a half years if the use of one hundred and eighty minutes a day. The warm amber glow that emanates from the bulb gives any room a touch of personality.

INNOCCY Edison Light Bulb

Also mimicking Thomas Edison’s bulb light, this bulb is a timeless classic and sure to breathe life into any E36 screw base room it lights up in. the clear glass is dimmable and can be acquired in different shapes and can be used in different type of lamp fixtures such as table lamps, pendant lights, decorative adornment and even wall scones. The filament design (old squirrel cage) makes the bulb easy on the eyes and ensures it will stay in style for years to come.

Edison Bulb, FadimiKoo Vintage Bulb

Dim this bulb down and you will get Goosebumps from how retro the room feels all of a sudden. While the bulbs are amazing in indoor and outdoor lighting, pendant lighting and wall scones they can also be used to bring a different vibe in business places like bars or in booths at hotels or coffee shops. The sixty-watt bulb has a long lifespan and will serve you for a long time to come without losing the brightness.

DORES shop Vintage Edison LED Light bulb

You should Plan ahead for the festive season this year with this beautiful light that lets of a vintage Aura every time you switch it on. The incandescent, twenty-five watt Edison bulb, is replaced with this and saves you a lot of energy as it only uses three watts; that is over ninety percent of savings the next time you get your power bill.

Ascher E12 LED Classic Candelabra Clear Light Bulb

With over thirty thousand of operation hours, this eco-friendly bulb is your best bet for the buck after it is screwed onto an E12 base. It is the best to fit in your home because it does not contain mercury or lead making it super safe for indoor or closed spaces.