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Floor reading lamps are lamps that are designed to stand on the floor while supported by a stand. The specific floor reading lamps as the name suggests are meant to illuminate light for reading purposes. It may be placed next to a desk, table or a extended bench for reading purposes.


There are different types of floor reading lamps in the market today which differ in terms of the size, type of lighting i.e fluorescent, type of make, type of brightness illuminated by each lamp, lamp heights, the costs of the lamp, space saving and many more. Selecting one especially one that is meant for reading is not an easy task. Deep scrutiny is recommended on the quality of the floor reading lamps before purchasing them. Below are the things to consider before purchasing floor reading lamps.

a) Height – The height of floor reading lamps is of essence as it should create a comfy reading environment without straining. The height should depend on the height of your reading desk. The floor reading lamps should be at or above the eyes level for someone seated. If not aware of the height of your reading lamp adjustable floor reading lamps are recommended.

b) Protection of eyes – Protection of the eyes in fundamental when choosing the kind of lamp to illuminate your reading area. Lamps used can be fluorescent, incandescent or LED. Incandescent lamp with flicker in light produces problems in reading consequently resulting in eye damage causing myopia and even cataracts later in life. Strong light from fluorescent lamps produces retinal damage, fatigue and visual impairment. LED lamps are recommended as they illuminate one direction unlike the fluorescent and incandescent lamps.

c) Reading brightness – Adjustable lamps are recommended as they can be modified to satisfy various needs depending the time of reading thus change in light angle. These adjustments come when the lamp is fitted with buttons to regulate the brightness by either increasing or reducing.

d) Space Saving Lamp – The choice of lamp depends on the space you have in the study room. Lamps with small economical bases are recommended for someone with insufficient space or someone who wants a smaller space utilization.

e) Easy to Install and use – The lamps should be flexible and easy to use for any person.

f) Cost – The choice of lamp depends on your budget. However, your budget should not be a compromise for the quality of lamp you choose. What is of paramount importance is the quality of lamp you choose.


When recommending the types of floor reading lamps to purchase, i have a a lot in mind but I’ll list three of the best qualities i have come across. one of them is the:

Youkoyi F9 Modern Touch LED standing floor reading lamp. Among the qualities listed above, this model of floor lamp possess almost all the qualities plus additional others. To start with, it utilizes LED lamp which we quoted above protects the eyes since there is no flickering of the light. Secondly, it is easy to use and made to standard for easy operation. Moreover, it has an adjustable neck where you move it towards the best destination you want it to be for effective learning. Next, the Youkoyi F9 Modern lamp is space saving since it has a slim lamp and lastly, it has adjustable brightness that helps the user control its light to protect the eyes. You can buy this product on Amazon at $79.99


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Dawson Antique Brass 551/2” High Pharmacy floor lamp – It has 55.5 inch steady base thus provides rigidity. It boast of having an LED lamp which serves to protect the eye from damage and complications. It is equipped with an on and off rotary socket . It has a fixed height of 551/2 thus the reading desk should be of suitable height. In addition to that it has an adjustable LED lamp head. This product goes for $39.99 on Amazon which is way cheaper than other online shopping sites.


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Adesso 4238-26 Trinity 82” Arc 3- light Floor lamp, Antique Bronze, Smart Outlet Compatible – It has trinity arc lamps thus providing better lighting.It has a base dimension of 12.5 inch thus saves on space. The trinity arc lamps are also adjustable thus the user can rotate to any preferable position. It is equipped with a 4 way rotary switch. The Adesso 4238-26 Trinity 82 inch arc lamp goes for a whooping $150 and you can understand the reason as to why it has to be that costly. Nevertheless, Amazon is the cheapest place to purchase this product.


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To sum it up, floor reading lamps are an important assets in the ever-changing life of modifying study areas and choosing one comes at a cost since they all have different qualities to enhance various capacities of people’s desires.