Indoor photography is completely different from outdoor photography. In case of outdoor photography, you shoot under natural light and thus you get vibrant colors as well as compositions. In case of indoor shooting, you have to rely upon the artificial light source. As a result, there is every chance that you would not get a satisfactory result unless you possess professional photography lighting equipment. When it comes to photography lighting equipment, you shall find plenty of advanced devices or equipment to make your photography experience exceptional. As a professional photographer, you must know about some of the equipment.

Basic Photography Lighting Equipment

Here is a guide to some of the equipment that has been required for professional indoor photo shooting.

Light Source

Light source is considered as the most crucial photography lighting equipment. They can be classified into two categories, as per their availability in the marketplace. One type of kit includes flash head along with power pack. Another type of kit is considered as moonlight kit. Power pack of the first type of photography lighting equipment kit performs as energy producing generator. The produced energy has been used for illuminating flash head. As a result, an artificial light source has been created.

Power packs can also be separated into two categories and they are symmetrical power packs and asymmetrical power packs. Symmetric packs distribute power equally among multiple flash heads. On the other hand, asymmetric power head distributes power to multiple flash heads at different magnitudes. If you are looking for photography lighting equipment, you can opt for ESDDI 20”x28” Softbox Photography Lighting Kit. The package includes Softbox reflector with light stands. The energy saving lights of this photography lighting equipment give illumination up to 8000 hours or more in an average.


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For the buyers, portable lights are also available. BrightBox Portable Mini Photo Studio with LED Light is an exceptional option. This type of photography lighting equipment has been manufactured to provide portability and cost-effectiveness,

BrightBox Portable Mini Photo Studio With LED Light

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Light Modifiers

Umbrellas and softboxes are the most common types of light modifiers. Reflecting umbrellas are used for producing diffused light which adds dramatic effects on your still photographs. In photography lighting equipment kits, you shall find different kinds of umbrellas like white, silver and gold. Silver–lined umbrellas are considered as the most efficient in terms of creating diffusing light. Hence, the most advanced photography lighting equipment kits include silver-lined umbrellas. Light modifiers are more important or crucial for video shooting. “LimoStudio 2-Pack Dimmable LED Photography Photo Video Light Panel” is a product that can be recommended in this regard. This kit includes silver-line umbrellas, power saving LED lights, etc.

LimoStudio 2-Pack Dimmable LED Photography Photo Video Light Panel

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Grips and Stands

Your photography lighting equipment should include grips and stands. These are basic equipment, but they are indispensable too. They are required to use lights, reflectors and other apparatus for indoor video shooting or still photography purposes.

It is important to purchase high quality and standard photography lighting equipment so that quality output, as well as durability, can be attained. GVM LED Video Light Newest Version is a perfect video photography kit that professional photographers require.

GVM LED Video Light Newest Version

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