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Quick Tips to Find the Best LED Fog Lights for Car

Driving car in foggy conditions is risky, but in many cases we still have to drive as we have to reach our destination at the earliest. To enable good vision even in foggy conditions, good amount of investment is required for purchasing LED fog lights for car. Fog lights are intended to provide good visibility to drivers. Nevertheless, they also make other drivers, who are driving in opposite direction, aware of the car coming ahead. As a result, it saves or protects the drivers from facing fatal head on collision.

Crucial Tips for Buying LED Fog Lights for Car

Importance of having good automobile fog light should be understood by everyone. Since the LED fog lights for car can potentially save you from major accidental cases by endowing you good visibility in foggy conditions, they have to be chosen with perfection. There should be absolutely no compromise in this case. Intensity of fog lights should be greater than normal car head lights. Normal lights are good to provide vision in normal conditions. But, in the foggy nights, driving would become difficult or impossible without having good quality fog lights. Preferable color for fog light is generally yellow. However, other color options are available.

The most important factors for buying LED fog lights for car are light intensity, durability and battery saving performance. In order to save battery, LED lights are used. They do not get heated up and thus they do not drain battery swiftly. Even if you are planning for driving long hours in fog, you would not find battery charge related issues with LED fog lights, provided your car’s battery is fully charged.

In the following section, let us find some of the best products that can be used as LED fog lights for car. Various options for products are there for the users. Here only a few products are highlighted, as per their performance, quality and other important parameters.

1. SUNPIE 4” LED Lights for Jeep – LED Fog Lamp

SUNPIE 4” LED Lights for Jeep – LED Fog Lamp
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Good Things: If you have to drive in foggy conditions at night or during dusky evening, you should bolster car’s visibility with good quality LED fog lights for car. For this purpose, this product is recommended. It comes with 4 inch radius round LED bulbs, which can be fixed at the front of the car. Strong luminance and seamless visibility in foggy conditions are assured by this product. The product shows affordability. Being equipped with LED bulbs, it will give excellent cost-effectiveness. It will save your power consumption and thus you do not have to change battery of your car frequently. It will also provide powerful visibility in haze or fog.

Shortcomings: Two 30 Watt high output LED lights are there, offering heavy-duty performance with limited battery consumption. Along with many benefits these LED fog lights for car come with certain drawbacks. Some of the drawbacks include difficult in installation and incompatibility with many automobiles. Ideally, the product has been manufactured to suit jeep cars. For other cars, you need to select other available options at the marketplace.

Conclusion: If you are searching for good quality fog lights for your car, this is definitely the product to watch out for. It comes with some terrific feature, like pair of LED bulbs, powerful light, low battery consumption, excellent visibility in offering and many other advantages. Judging all the aspects, this product can certainly be recommended to the buyers. For installation, help of the mechanic can be sought, since many users often face compatibility as well as installation issues.

2. Nilight 2 PCS 18 W Spot Driving Fog Light – LED Lights with Bar Mounting

Nilight 2 PCS 18 W Spot Driving Fog Light – LED Lights with Bar Mounting
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Good Things: If you are searching for good quality LED fog lights for car, specifically for your jeep, you can certainly go for this product. It comes with powerful 18 Watts LED lights. They offer excellent illumination in poor visibility conditions at road due to fog. LED lights ensure no heating related issues. At the same time, they ensure that limited battery has been consumed by the car. So, overall, the product can be recognized as durable. It can easily be mounted on the front bar of your car. Ideally, the product has been made for Jeeps, but it also works perfectly with SUVs.

Shortcomings: 18 Watts power seems to be the major shortcoming of the product. Though the intensity of light is quite good, but in dense foggy conditions, more powerful lights are required. This product is good for low foggy conditions, especially during daytime. Night fogs get thicker and thus visibility becomes very low. In such cases more powerful LED fog lights for car have been required. There are many other products at marketplace, offering more powerful lights to the buyers.

Conclusion: At conclusion, it has to be stated that this is a good option if you are searching for high quality LED fog lights for car. The product is perfectly compatible with jeeps and SUVs. For installation, there is no hassle. The only drawback is that it does not give great visibility in intense fog. So, keeping this aspect in mind before buying the product is suggested.

3. Alla Lighting Extremely Super Bright High Power 80 W – LED Fog Lights

Alla Lighting Extremely Super Bright High Power 80 W – LED Fog Lights
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Good Things: These LED fog lights for car are easy to mount on the front bar of the car. They come with powerful 80 Watts lights which give excellent illumination. As a result of the powerful lighting, excellent visibility can be attained while driving through dense foggy roads. It is compatible with many vehicles. It comes with many interesting ranges of features as well as options. LED lights can provide heavy duty performance without getting heated up. Since there is lesser heating, lesser battery energy has been consumed.

Shortcomings: Apparently, putting a harsh criticism on this excellent and posh product would be injustice. Apart from high price, there is no such shortcoming with this product.

Conclusion: At the conclusion note, it has to be stated that this product is one of the best LED fog lights for car. High intensity lights give excellent visibility in dense fog, yet battery consumption is surprisingly low.

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Top Selfie Ring Light – Advices for Buyers and Product Reviews

Everyone loves clicking ‘selfie’ photos today and almost all Smartphone developers have now taken this thing seriously. Previously, front camera of Smartphone used to be basic and mediocre. But, today things have changed quite drastically. You would find that most of the newly launched Smartphone devices come with as powerful front camera as the rear camera. In fact, many Smartphone developers have started launching devices that possess flash light for front camera as well. This is surely an amazing thing. Those selfie lovers would definitely want their photos to be more visually attractive. For that purpose selfie ring light can be used.

Basic Guide to Selfie Ring Light

So, what is selfie ring light all about? Ho it can help you to click better photos? Is it portable? We shall find answers to many such questions in the remaining section of this write-up. If you want to make your selfies better, you should consider purchasing selfie ring light. Even though some manufacturers have come with flash for front camera, most of the Smartphone devices still do not have flash support for the front side. Thus, they need ring light for dim light or dark light situations. It will make your snaps quite awesome even in dark light situations or low light conditions.

In the following section, we shall find a few handpicked products first. A brief and fair review has been intended to cater in this regard on the following products. So, let us have a look:

1. Unistone hui-22 Selfie Ring Light LED for iPHone/ Samsung/ Sony

Unistone hui-22 Selfie Ring Light LED for iPHone/ Samsung/ Sony
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Good Things:

This product has a lot of good things in offering. First and foremost, it is a cost-effective and durable product. It has been made to serve you for long time, and that is why it comes with LED lights. If you think that your selfies are not bright and vibrant enough, trying out this selfie ring is highly suggested. It will help your photos to become more vibrant as well as attractive. Dark light issues often leaves grains on photos, causing quality hamper. That would not be a concern if you are using this product. It is suitable for iPhone and other Smartphone users. Mostly Samsung and Sony Smartphone users can find the product perfectly suitable.


The major shortcoming of this product is that it has low battery backup. You shall find that battery could hardly stay for 30-40 minutes. After that, you need to charge it. Frequent charging is not good for quality as well as durability of the device. However, the good part is that it can be charged anywhere, if you are carrying your laptop. Just plug it into your laptop’s USB drive, when laptop is turned on. This will help charging the device with sheer meticulousness.


At final verdict part, it can be said that the product does good in terms of its features and performance. Except battery backup, there is no major criticism for the product. It provides seamless lighting and it gives you excellent photos. It is easily compatible with the latest iPhone versions and other Smartphone devices from Sony, Samsung, etc. So, overall the product is recommended.

2. Qiaya Rang Light for Camera for iPhone, iPad and Smasung Galaxy

Qiaya Rang Light for Camera for iPhone, iPad and Smasung Galaxy
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Good Thing:

This white cute looking ring camera product looks posh in terms of its build quality as well as design. It helps your mobile phone photography to get better. If you want more sharp as well as stunning snaps with your favorite Smartphone device, this ring light would surely help. It brightens your faces and softens hard shadows which actually ruin the selfies. This USB rechargeable device can easily be ported to anywhere. Additionally, it gives you the control to regulate light intensity. There are total 3 levels for brightness controlling.


The product is well manufactured and thus it would be harsh to put a negative criticism on it for unnecessary reasons. The price is little on the higher side, especially when you compare the product with other available products. However, other available products do not have such fine built quality and brightness control features.


Discussing all the important aspects of the product, it can be ascertained that the product is posh as well as price worthy. It is easy to fit with iPhone and iPad devices. If you are using Samsung Smartphone devices, you would also not find any problems. As a matter of fact, it can be found compatible with all major Smartphone devices.

3. Raphycool Selfie Light Rechargeable with LED Light and 1500 MaH Power Bank

Raphycool Selfie Light Rechargeable with LED Light and 1500 MaH Power Bank
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Good Things:

This is a trendy selfie ring light. It makes your photo beautiful by giving smooth light on your face. Now, you can click perfect selfies that will drive your social media friends, followers and fans crazy. Equipped with LED light, the product seems to be quite durable. It additionally comes with power bank so that portability does not get an issue. You can easily carry it anywhere and charge it as per your requirements.


Price is on the higher side is the major drawback of the product, Battery backup is quite low and repeated charging seems quite daunting as well. A few users have complained about compatibility issue with some mobile phone or Smartphone devices from Samsung.


It can be concluded that the product is well manufactured to suit needs of the buyers. It is cost-effective and thus you can surly invest in it.

4. YEYIZU Selfie Ring Light Cell Phone Holder for Live Streaming

YEYIZU Selfie Ring Light Cell Phone Holder for Live Streaming
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Good Things:

If you are looking for good quality selfie ring light, this is surely the best product for you. It comes with advanced features as well as options. It gives excellent lighting to take snaps in low light conditions. Even in low light, you shall get perfect snaps. It leaves soft light effects on face and thus hard shadows do not get showed up.


The major drawback is that battery backup is not good, as it should be expected from a product belonging to this price range.


This is surely a decent product to purchase, especially if you are looking for compatible selfie ring light for your iPhone device.

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Some Important Features to Check in LED Nail Lamps

LED lights are always known to be beneficial and for nail dryers most of the manufacturers use LED lights. Light them up as long as you want. There will be no heating – no damage to your skin. This is why LED nail lamps are obvious choices these days for people around the world. To find exclusive ranges of LED nail lamps, you need to find branded sellers. It is not difficult to find good seller, as plenty of sellers are there with plenty of product options to suit different budget of different people.

Important Features of LED Nail Lamps

When it comes to buying nail dryer that comes with LED nail lamps, you need to look for certain product aspects. Those aspects are discussed in the following section.

1. Sturdiness

LED nail lamps have to be sturdy. This is one of the crucial features that you check when you go for buying nail dryers. If you want durable products, you should care about the sturdiness of the overall product and its built quality. Generally branded manufacturers provide durable and sturdy products to the buyers.

2. Power Saving

LED nail lamps are expected to be illuminated for long time, especially at commercial places like beauty salon. Naturally, they will make you to pay high electricity bills at the end of the month. This is why it is important to find cost-effective lights, which enable power saving option. You can choose LED nail lamps for meticulous power saving. LED lights lasts longer than normal lamps and they are immensely effective when it comes to power saving.

3. Durability

Like power saving, durability is also an important factor to consider, while buying nail dryers. Again, led lights are considered better in this case from the traditional lights. LED nail lamps last long and they give meticulous lighting solutions.

4. Regulating Lights

Choose LED nail lamps which can be regulated. This will help you to save power consumption. Moreover, it will help you to control the intensity of the illumination. High intensity light may damage skin some cases. Thus, according to your suitability, you can choose illuminating intensity.

Recommended Products

Many products can be found at the marketplace, though all of them are not quite good. You need to come across the best products and for that reason you should follow the recommendation of the experts. In the following section, we shall share a guide on the LED nail lamps.

1. SUNUV SUN9C 24W LED UV Nail Dryer Curing Lamp for Fingernail and Toenail

SUNUV SUN9C 24W LED UV Nail Dryer Curing Lamp for Fingernail and Toenail
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This is product that features LED nail lamps and that is why this is safe for your nail. It can be used for nail drying purposes, without causing any harm to the skin. It is quite exceptional and affordable product. This product is ideal to be used with all gel nail polishes.

  • ALL-IN-ONE NAIL DRYER: With advanced professional designed UV+LED dual light source, SUNUV SUN9C nail dryer is applicable to curing almost all nail gels! Its light is closer to white light, has no harm to eyes and skin. Fashionable and durable 50000hrs lifetime, ideal for both home and salon use.
  • PROFESSIONAL AND CURING ALMOST ALL NAIL GELS: LED gels, UV gels, including Hard Gels, builder, sculpture gel, gem glue etc..No brand requirements though. Easy to use, just plug in and you are ready to go!
  • HIGH QUALITY ASSURANCE AND FULL WARRANTY: SUNUV SUN9C nail dryer provides 12 Months Friendly Customer Service at any times. During warranty, if there is any product issues, we offer free replacement.Customer satisfaction is our first target.
  • FAST AND COMFORTABLE: It is low wattage but quick-drying which can shorten your curing time by 50% or overheat than others dryers. Quick and quiet, NO NEED ANY FANS!
  • MUTIFUNCTIONAL AND AJUSTABLE: For curing fingernail or toenail and with automatic sensor for curing 99s or 2 timing setting 30s/60s. Let’s enjoy nail art at anytime and anywhere!

2. MicroPure 36W UV LED Nail Lamp with 4 Timer Settings

MicroPure 36W UV LED Nail Lamp with 4 Timer Settings
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This is another exceptional product for women, featuring excellent ranges of features or options. The product is suitable to be paired with gel nail polish products.

  • 【TRUE 36W DOUBLE LIGHT SOURCE TECHNOLOGY】: The real powerful 36watt LED light beads can drying all kinds of nail gels, including nail UV gel, nail builder gel, nail sculpture gel, rhinestone gems glue, CND Shellac, OPI and LED nail gel. It takes only 30s to dry nail UV glue and 60s to dry rhinestone gem glue which is 2x faster than most of 48watt nail lamp.
  • 【4 TIMER SETTINGS & HEAT DISSIPATION HOLE DESIGN】: Your UV LED nail dryer has 4 timer settings:10s, 30s, 60s and 99s. During the 99s temperature gradually increasing mode, power enhances gradually to resolve all pain problems caused by curing gels. Also, heat dissipation hole design can cool the machine continuously for 30 seconds, protecting the machine from overheated.
  • 【AUTO-SENSING BY INFRARED INDUCTION】: Hands in, lamp on. Hands out, lamp off. It can be started automatically by infrared induction if you put your hand into the machine without pressing time setting button. It will automatically come into the 99s low heat mode. Default max working time is 99s.
  • 【LONG-LASTING LED LIGHTS BEADS & EXTRA BONUS】: 24 durable LED light beads with a life span of 50000 hours nonstop, lasting up to 5 years of continuous use. No need to worry about the replacement of the light beads. Extra bonus: free 3 colorful nail files and 1 detailed picture of nail gel polish application which helps shape your nails.
  • 【NEW LED LIGHT PROTECTS YOUR EYES & BODY】: Your MiroPure UV LED nail lamp is equipped with 24 LED light beads which are different from traditional light bulbs. As the parent product, comparing with ultraviolet light of traditional nail lamps, the light is closer to white light, which ensures the color of nail gel and does no harm to your eyes as well as protects your skin from being black. Magnetic reflective panel can be separated without tools, more convenient for toenail gel curing.

3. Lumcrissy 64W LED Nail Dryer

Lumcrissy 64W LED Nail Dryer
View on Amazon

If you are looking for high quality and well designed LED nail dryer, this is definitely the product for you. The product is affordable and it is cost-effective too. It consumes small amount of power and provide the best nail dryer result. It never intends harming your soft skin. LED lights do not get heated up.

  • 64W super power nail machine for professional Use,Environmental protection, light use of imported LED, non-harmful substances to the human body.
  • 32PCS Powerful Led,curing all kinds of nail gels faster.Strong metal cover,best for dissipate heat Touch timing button,save your time
  • Advanced LCD Display,Quick-drying: 5-10 times faster than conventional phototherapy lamp
  • Come With a light hand and a Nail nipper,Light weight, small size, convenient operation, quick and flexible switch, long life makes it so popular around the world.
  • Touch screen can chose 15s/30s/3045s/60s, according to your choice for nail gel
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Things to Know When You Want to Purchase Instrument Cluster Bulbs

Instrument cluster lighting is common for various purposes, but these can be extensively found in the commercial places. For example, automobile production industry or pumping manufacturing industry has extensive use of the instrument cluster bulbs. They should look appealing in order to enhance the beauty of your instruments. At the same time, they give visibility as well as indication to the users on low light or dark conditions. However, apart from their beauty, illumination power should also be taken in account. They must be harmless for eyes – soothing enough so that one can check them in dark comfortably.

Tips for Buying Instrument Cluster Bulbs

When it comes to buying instrument cluster bulbs, you will find plenty of options in the marketplace. Choosing a perfect instrument cluster bulbs depends on your budget basically. From low budget to high – options are plenty. So, you need to set your budget first. Once you know your budget, search cluster lamps according to that. You will surely be able to come up with some excellent options. In general, traditional tungsten or halogen based study lamps are budget-friendly. But, they have drawbacks. They get heated up easily. If you go for the modernized LED based desk lamp, you have to allot a higher budget. However, plenty of advantages are there.

Broadly, instrument cluster bulbs can be divided in two sections, in terms of the lighting specification. The first type is traditional instrument cluster bulbs and the other one is LED based lighting. Traditional lamps are budget-friendly and easily available in the marketplace. But, the advantage with LED lamp is that they are power saving. LED lamps are costly, but once you install them you do not need to change them or repair them for years. Generally, LED lamps can serve as long as 15-20 years and even more.

Important Specifications of Instrument Cluster Bulbs

Illumination of LED lamps is also very soothing for the eyes. They are harmless for your eye and do not get heated up. The illumination remains smooth and soothing for the eyes. Not only the LEDs are known for their power consumption capabilities, they are also long lasting.

Recommended Products

When it comes to purchasing instrument cluster bulbs, buyers would come across many kinds of products at the marketplace. Those products are poised with exceptional features to serve the purpose of buyers. In the following section, let us find some recommended products.

1. Partsam T10 194 LED Light Bulb for Instrument Panel

Partsam T10 194 LED Light Bulb for Instrument Panel
View on Amazon

This is set of instrument cluster bulbs that will definitely serve your purpose with perfection. The product set features LED bulbs and thus they are power saving. They are quite cost-affordable as well. Lighting color is notably blue.

  • SPECIAL T10 LED BULBS WITH TWIST LOCK DESIGN, including ten 194 168 T10 instrument panel dashboard LED light bulbs and 10 twist lock for f150, Honda and many other cars. LED Type: T10 6 SMD 3528 LED Chips. LED light color: blue.
  • WIDE APPLICATION RANGE: can fit well for map light, dome light, dashboard lights or license plate light, or trunk light etc. (Depending on the model of your car, some fit more than 1 position. Please double check user manual before purchase.)
  • IDEAL REPLACEMENT FOR ALL T10 WEDGE TYPE: T10 model type is easily integrated as a replacement for the following bulb model numbers: T10, 194, 168, 158, W5W 161B, 168, 168A, 168NA, 175, 192, 193, 194, 194B, 194G, 194NA, 194R, 2821, 2825
  • EASY INSTALLATION, JUST PLUG AND PLAY. Direct Replacement, no wire required, very faster on or off response time and vibration resistant. Energy-saving, low temperature, low power consumption, long-lasting Life, great replacement instrument dashboard led light bulbs.
  • IMPORTANT NOTICE: If the LED does not light up, simply rotating it 180 degrees (reverse the polarity).

2. PA 6 x T10 168 194 LED Instrument Panel Dash Light Bulb

PA 6 x T10 168 194 LED Instrument Panel Dash Light Bulb
View on Amazon

Some of the features of this product include high brightness, various color options, low power consumption and high durability. Being equipped with LED lights, this product confirms the best lost lasting capability. Nevertheless, instrument cluster bulbs will stay illuminated without being heated up.

  • Surface Finish:4pcs (3528) SMD LED
  • Volaget:12VDC
  • Base : T10 194 168 #555 ….
  • LED Qty:4PCS TOP:4PCS(3528 SMD)
  • Emitted Color: White / Red / Blue / Green / Pink / Purple / Ice Blue
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Tips to select the best LED lights for trucks

LED lights have become an important necessity for the trucks. You can use them for pleasure, work or both. They are perfect for illuminating a work site, spotting games or brightening dark roads. There is a huge variety of LED lights for trucks available in the market. They have different styles, shapes, brightness and build qualities. It is important that you buy the best LED lights for trucks for reliable performance. Here is a guide to help you select the best item.


First, you have to consider the brightness of the light because it will help you determine whether you can use it for work or not. Know how many lumens a light can produce because it determines the brightness of the product. The best range is between 1200 to 2000. Also, consider the optics of the LED lights.


You have to pay attention to the durability of the LED lights that you are planning to buy. Pay attention to material that is used for manufacturing the LED lights. Off the road, traveling is dangerous because there will be branches and stones hitting the lights. Assure that your LED lights can easily tolerate the impacts.


One of the most important things to consider is the warranty of the product.

  • Assure that company provides the coverage for the repairing the lights
  • There should be at least 10 years warranty with the product
  • It is better that you look for the LED lights that come with a lifetime warranty
  • Pay attention to what warranty will cover


Assure that you select the LED lights that have been produced with waterproof material. They should moisture and dust resistant because that is the only way lights will serve you for a long time. Look for the LED lights for trucks that come with the IP68 rating. Some of the best lights on the market are

Two are better than one

Most of the truck drivers make the mistake of installing only one LED light. They do not understand that have two lights is better than one because it will provide more brightness and you will clearly see what is in front of you. Most of the truck drivers say that buying two lights is expensive they do not know that it is a lifetime investment.

Types of LED lights

It is important that you should know about the types of LED lights available in the market. Here are some of the common types that you should consider.

  • Mini light bars also called light pods
  • Low-profile light bars that are 6 to 20 inches
  • Full size LED lights
  • Off-road LED lights

Bottom line

While selecting the LED lights for trucks assure that you pay attention to the reviews of previous customers. It will give you the best idea about the quality and durability of the LED lights that you are planning to buy. Assure to check the price of the product and buy the one that you can easily afford. You can compare the price of different LED lights and it will allow you to buy the one that meets your requirements perfectly. Get the LED lights installed by a professional so that you will get the best performance.

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Effective Tips for Purchasing High Performing Car Tail Lights

Car tail lights are important parts of car and thus they have to be chosen properly. High quality and durable lights are searched by the users or potential buyers. Now, different kinds of car tail lights can be found. They are quite seamless in terms of performance as well as durability. However, instead of choosing the traditional lights, it is always good to use power saving LED lights, as they save car’s battery life. You do not have to deal with regular changing process for car’s battery.

LED, acronym of Light Emitting Diode, is considered as one of the greatest inventions of modern science and technologies. LED lights have significantly replaced the old CFL lights or bulbs, which are fairly known to be hazardous for the environment. CFL lights have several drawbacks and LED car tail lights have successfully replaced them by wiping out all those drawbacks. CFL lights or tungsten based bulbs generate high amount of heat by consuming heavy amount of power or energy. On one hand, they cause global warming and on the other hand, they are consuming up the resources thick and fast.

Moreover, using LED lights is a cost-effective as they use smaller amounts of energy or power and thus, helping to cutting off the expenses on replacing car batteries.

Benefits of Using LED Car Tail Lights

Different car tail lights come with different ranges of benefits. Knowing these benefits is important. If you are choosing LED lights, there are certain more benefits in offering than conventional types of lights. So, it is important for every buyer to know these benefits so that they can buy the products that suit their requirements as well as preferences perfectly.

  • Cost-  Initial price of LED car tail lights is higher than other bulbs but actual cost like battery consumption and replacement cost will be much less.
  • Durable- LED lights are more durable.
  • Energy Efficient – LED bulbs consume comparatively less energy and save money. Its filament and design are the reasons to save energy and provide you same brightness.
  • Versatile- is the most important feature of LED bulb. Now you will also get different sizes of led bulbs as per your car’s requirements.
  • Long Lasting- Led bulb has longer life span. The average life span is within 30000 hours and 50000 hours.
  • Easy Installation – This is another crucial benefit of this type of car tail light. The lights can be installed without any hassles.

Tips for Purchasing LED Car Tail Lights

Car tail lights can be expensive and thus they are not something that you would like to change on periodic basis. You would want a product that adds durability and cost-effectiveness. Thus, before purchasing such car tail lights, you need to take the following factors into consideration. These factors are listed in the following section of this article.

  • Make sure if LED bulbs that you are buying will be fit with your replacement place.
  • Check fittings. If you have wrong fitting bulb with you then you can return the bulb.
  • You can choose color temperatures which will be suitable for you.
  • Calculate actual cost as they have long life span.
  • Find out which wattage bulb you want as Led bulbs use low wattages.
  • Cost is important factor when you are buying a bulb. Initial price can be higher but actual cost is much less than other standard bulbs.
  • If you want to buy Multi reflector bulbs then you should know beam angle that you want.

Recommended Products for the Buyers

When it comes to purchasing car tail lights, buyers would come across various kinds of products. Based on price as well as other important features or specifications, car tail lights should be chosen.

1. FXC Purishion 10x Round LED Clearance Light Front Rear Side Indicators

FXC Purishion 10x Round LED Clearance Light Front Rear Side Indicators
View on Amazon

These car tail lights can be used as indicators for your car. The major highlight of this product is that it offers cost-effectiveness as well as durability. These car tail lights have been designed to offer excellent illuminating effects. The illumination is made to stay even in foggy conditions. It is important to invest carefully in LED car lights. This is surely a recommended product.

  • 12V 3/4″ Round Bullet Mini Grommet Side Marker Light ,3 PCS High Quality SMD LED Inside of the Lamp Offer Extreme Bright light. SAE P2 PC,DOT. Waterproof PC Lens,Shock Proof ,Dust Proof ,Rubber Cover Sealed Light.
  • Universal All Cars Trailer Clearance Bus Van Caravan Boat Lorry Truck. Easy to install in all locations : Side Front Rear Undercarriage As Exterior Safety Signal Light At Night.
  • ENJOY 5 YEAR QUALITY WARRANTY , Our Strict Quality Control System, We Test Each Item and 100% Ensure In Good Condition Before We Ship. Offering Customer Technical Service, Feel Free Contact Us for Technical, Installation and Use Question.

2. Ambother 5-Function Truck Tailgate Side Bed Light

Ambother 5-Function Truck Tailgate Side Bed Light
View on Amazon

These types of car tail lights are suggested to those, who are looking for durable quality and excellently well-designed LED lights for the car. These lights are affordable and they could be used for the purpose of side indicating for the car. Excellent illumination and low power consumption are the two most notable features of this product.

  • SUPER BRIGHT: 72-LEDs Korean 3528SMD-LED chip, red x 48LEDs/ white x 24LEDs, waking up the drunks and texters behind you. LED to LED length: approx 48″ 49″ (containing 72 LEDs). Lighting color: red for turn signal, parking and brake, white for reverse lights.
  • 5-FUNCTION: Tail Lights– all red LEDs light up; Rear left turn signal — left red LEDs light up; Rear right turn signal — right red LEDs light up; Brake light — sll red LEDs light up; Reverse light — white LEDs light up. Enhance safety with higher visibility and reduce accidents in bad weather, chance of rear end collision.
  • HIGH QUALITY: Material: rubber. Waterproof IP67. It can still work GOOD whatever it rains and snows. Withstand the weather and washed, Epoxy process designed refuse moisture for long-term use, Fuse overload protection,
  • EASY INSTALLl: Mounts easily with high quality automotive adhesive, plug the lights into your trailer light plug and it just works(Reverse light must be wired). Breeze wiring. Easy plug & play Installation, 4-pin flat connector. Yellow wire: white LED low beam; White wire: white LED high beam; Please measure your tailgate and make sure this is the right size you need. We carry tailgate bar in 48″ / 49″. Professional is highly recommended.
  • COMPATIBILITY: 48″ / 49″ lenght strip bar fits in the dead space between the bottom of your tailgate and rear bumper. This can serve as a brake light, a running light and even a blinker with your turn signals. The Tailgate LED Light Strip enhances safety by providing additional running, brake, turn and hazard lights. Completely compatible with Dodge Ram 1500 2500 3500 4500,Ford f150 f250,Chevy Silverado,GMC Sierra,Toyota tundra,and most Cars,Trucks,Pickup,SUV,RV,VAN,Trailers,etc


At conclusion, it has to be stated that these car tail lights should be purchased from trusted as well as branded, if you are seeking high end performance from them. Save energy of your car’s battery with these cost-effective light bulbs.

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Basic Things to Know about Flame Light Bulb before Purchasing It

Rising popularity of flame light bulb is quite an impressive thing. This is a unique type of light, which offer candle light effect without having real flame and without releasing harmful smoke. Naturally, it is more eco-friendly option and also cost-effective as well. A candle would hardly give you light for 2-3 hours. But, flame light bulb can serve you for longer. It comes with replaceable batteries, and thus you just need to change battery to light it on when old battery is out of charge. These lights are portable too. You can take them to any place you want.

Types of Flame Light Bulb

Traditionally, flame light refers to the light that has been generated through open combustion of materials that catches fire. For example, during camping trips, many of us use to collect dry wood pieces to create flame light at evening. Due to the presence of fire flame, this type of lighting has been noted as flame lighting. Candles can also be included into traditional flame light category. With the advent of time, we have now artificial flame light bulb to replace the traditional ones. In the marketplace, buyers can come across two types of flame light bulb. The first type is LED light bulb and another type is non-LED bulb.

LED bulbs are mostly popular than non-LED lights for some obvious reasons. The LED flame light bulb comes with high durability assurance. It requires low power output to illuminate. Traditional lights consume more energy for illumination. Hence, in this way LED lights are more cost-effective and good for the environment. Another important thing is that LED lights can be operated through batteries seamlessly. They shall provide excellent performance and seamless durability. LED flame light bulb offer cold light – there would not be any heating issues.

Due to all the reasons mentioned above, LED flame lights are considered as more effective as well as useful than traditional or conventional lights. Based upon the needs of users, different types of LED flame light bulb are available. For example, there are portable and non-portable bulbs. Flame quality could be different with different flame light bulb manufacturers. So, overall buyers have plenty of choices. In order to purchase these bulbs, buyers can opt for online stores. Since they are popular, they can be found easily at online stores as well as physical stores.

Features and Applications of Flame Light Bulb

Flame light bulb can be used for different purposes at different occasions. These unique lights come with many interesting as well as excellent features. So, it is worth to know about features and usage of these lights. IN the following section, we shall do that.

1. Replacement of Natural Flame

Flame light bulb can be considered as replacement of natural flame light. Natural flame lights come with chances of creating fire hazards. LED flame lights are safer choices from this aspect. Most importantly, natural flames due to fire ignition can cause environmental hazards. A piece of candle can contribute immensely to global warming. It may release harmful gases that can potentially cause many sorts of environmental hazards. Analyzing all these aspects, it is obvious to say that flame light bulb is a better alternative to the traditional flame light.

2. Amazing Option for Interior Décor

For decoration of interior, flame light bulb can be used. They can make the interior turning into amazing cozy as well as romantic. Imagine that your house is light up with a lot of candles. The same effect can be achieved with these LED bulbs without having any risks for fire hazard or environmental damages. Many people love candle light dinner arrangement at home. For them, flame light bulb is a perfect option. Without actually lighting up a candle, you shall get the best feel candle light dinner with your partner.

3. Great Choice for Birthday or Event Décor

If you are hosting an event and expecting some guests, you should spend enough time in decorating event venue so that guests can feel cozy and they would appreciate your interior designing efforts. For decorating event venue, it is always good to use flame light bulb. They are not just beautiful in appearance, but also cost-effective. You can cut down electricity expense immensely with installation of these lights at the event venues.

4. Amazing Gifts on Different Occasions

If you are not sure what to gift someone on the upcoming Christmas, then choose flame light bulb and get appreciated for such a meticulous gift. Gifting candles is a Christmas ritual for many people. Well, on this upcoming Christmas, instead of gifting the regular candles, you can give surprise to your partner with amazingly beautiful LED flame light bulb. They look excellent and they provide unique illumination effect.

5. Various Applications

LED flame light bulb has plenty of scopes for application. In other words, these bulbs can be used for many purposes. They can be used at restaurants to create romantic as well as charming ambience. For decorating home interior on certain events like Christmas or birthdays, these bulbs can be used. Flame light bulb can be used for decorating event venue interior. In fact, it can be used for the purpose of decorating outdoor area of event venue or houses.

Recommended Products for the Users

1. Creative Hobbies A101 Flicker Flame Light Bulb – 3 Watt, 130 Volt

Creative Hobbies A101 Flicker Flame Light Bulb – 3 Watt, 130 Volt
View on Amazon

This is an excellent product if you are looking for non-LED flame light bulb. The product is cost-effective, as power consumption level is minimal. It gives unique as well as excellent illuminating effects. From a little far, it looks like real flame. The product package comes with 10 light bulbs.

  • Creative Hobbies® A101 Unique Flame Shaped small light bulb flickers with a soft orange glow like a real candle flame!
  • Low wattage saves energy and gives ambiance and not bright light (only 3 watts), 1500 Hour Avg Life
  • Petite size fits many applications like window candles, sconces, chandeliers (only 2.5″ overall)
  • Candelabra Base (night light size) with nickle plated screw base for corrosion resistance.
  • 130 volt standard electric US voltage. Pack of 10 bulbs wholesale priced.

2. LIFU LED Flame Bulb – Fire Light Effect

LIFU LED Flame Bulb – Fire Light Effect
View on Amazon

If you are seeking cost-effective LED lights for Christmas décor of your house, you can definitely opt for this product. This flame light bulb is a perfect option for decorating house interior as well as exterior on Christmas, Halloween and other events. Cost-effective LED light offers seamless illuminating result.

  • 【LIGHT LIFE, FASIONABLE MAKE BETTER】– Like moving flaming fire torch from the bulb base to the top and exact 1300K color is close to true fire control the different flickers by your original ON/OFF switch.
  • 【LIGHT LIFE, AVAILABLE MAKE BETTER】– Artificial Vivid Fire, Dynamic Moving Flame, Simulate Nature Fire Flicker Flame, wonderful Replacement of Traditional Gas Lantern,like Retrofit Oil Lamp or Hurricane Lamp.
  • 【LIGHT LIFE, DURABLE MAKE BETTER】– Durable flame bulb, long lifespan up to 5,000 hours, high quality.It’s hard to burn out.
  • 【LIGHT LIFE, SUITABLE MAKE BETTER】– Suitable for all kinds of lampshade. Better lamp for hotel, restaurant, bar, cafe, garden, home decoration, and Christmas Halloween decorations.
  • 【LIGHT LIFE, COMPATIBLE MAKE BETTER】– E26/E27 Base compatible, AC100V-265V, 50/60Hz. Perfect for US.

3. CPPSLEE – LED Flame Light Bulb – E26 Standard Base – 105 pcs

CPPSLEE – LED Flame Light Bulb – E26 Standard Base – 105 pcs
View on Amazon

For the purpose of decorating house during some occasions or for creating flame light effects in restaurants or pubs, this product can be chosen. Cost-effective LED lights give power saving assurance to the buyers. This set of LED flame light bulb is durable too.

  • CPPSLEE Flame Bulb type fit all your standard E26 hold-screws, fire down bulb fit your down hold-screws, fire up bulb fit the up hold-screws,both are safe,green energy saving and excellent heat dissipation.
  • SAFE & GREEN ENERGY SAVING:CPPSLEE flame lamp simulates natural flame, flickering flame light bulbs, no open flame, no UV and infrared radiation.The input voltage is AC90-265v and the power is 1.8W.Save 90% of electricity from traditional flame bulbs, save electricity and save money.
  • USAGE RECOMMENDATION: For better flame flickering effective , install bulb in a frosted glass shade, lantern, salt lamp etc. The Artificial Vivid Fire, Dynamic Moving Flame, Simulate Nature Fire Flicker Flame, wonderful Replacement of Traditional Gas Lantern.
  • APPLICATION: Great for Home decoration, Bedroom, Living Room, Bar, Hotel, Night Clubs, Outdoor Gardens, Restaurant, Coffee shop, Villas, Wedding decorations, Party, Church, Castle and more.Decorative bulb, warm flame colors decorate your space and give you a quiet, romantic and relaxing moment.
  • FREE WARRANTY: Lifetime warranty, 50000 hours lifespan, 30 days money back guarantee, E26 Standard Base type, AC100V-240V, 50/60Hz
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Buying the Perfect Jeep Wrangler Light Bar

Installing light bars is a great option for people who revel at the chance to take their Jeep Wranglers on off-road trails. These trails are very challenging, more so when the sun goes down. Installing a lighting system helps provide better illumination for the driver. A Jeep Wrangler light bar is easy to install because it comes with brackets. It can be mounted on top of the windscreen, bumper, hood, armor or grille.

Just because a light bar is easy to install and relatively inexpensive, it does not mean that you go and purchase any – and mount it on your Wrangler. There are a few things you should consider when buying a light bar.

Picking a Jeep Wrangler Light Bar

Do you really need a light bar?

This is the first question you should ask yourself. If you are going to use it on the usual roads, you will probably blind a lot of motorists. If you are an off-road trail enthusiast that likes wheeling at night, then a light bar would be perfect for your Jeep Wrangler.


There are a number of manufacturers out there that make light bars. Finding one that has a reputation for producing the exact lighting system that meets your needs should be a top priority. Also, look at the period of the warranty that the manufacturer offers and what it covers.


Here you need to consider things such as the voltage of the bar and the broadness of the viewing area. Check if it is a combo Jeep Wrangler light bar and whether it can be used for other purposes – e.g. indoor and outdoor lighting. Always choose a lighting bar that is anti-corrosion, waterproof and dust-proof.


You need brackets that are easy to mount and remove; this way, you won’t need to find a technician every single time you need to mount or remove the light bar. Finding easy to install light bars is not hard as many manufacturers’ make lighting beams that any novice with a wrench can install. Make sure that the brackets are adjustable. The brackets provided should be able to handle the hard conditions of the rugged terrain.


The various light bars available on the market have different designs. While choosing a particular design, it is important to note how it will affect the view and broadness of illumination. The design should not in any way hinder the functionality of the Jeep Wrangler light bar.


Different light bars have different lifespans with most ranging in between 25000 and 50000 light hours. Depending on your budget and how often you intend to use the light beam, you should choose one that fits your requirements.

Final Verdict

Buying a Jeep Wrangler light bar need not be a brain hemorrhage inducing exercise. If you budget for it well and take the above considerations into account, you will end up buying a light bar that will not only give you good services, but one that will make you happy and beam your Jeep Wrangler’s path even at night on the roughest off-road trails.

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The Best Edison Light Bulb Range You Can Get In The Market Today

Come into a room but is as simple as getting the right bulb to alter the room completely. Below are some of the best bulbs that you can get at affordable prices and are assured to make you feel different about any space you install them in.

6-Pack Edison Light Bulb

Based on the great inventor’s innovation, this sixty watt, 110 volts, the bulb will bring an old age flair to any modern room and make it feel opulent. Its build is quite is quite sturdy looking thanks to a squirrel cage feature that makes the bulbs” aesthetics quite incomparable. The 2.6-inch bulbs can fit into any E26 screw base or E27 and can be used for accent lighting thanks to the incandescent filament in the bulbs. They will last anywhere between twenty-five thousand to thirty hours which roughly translates to two and a half years if the use of one hundred and eighty minutes a day. The warm amber glow that emanates from the bulb gives any room a touch of personality.

INNOCCY Edison Light Bulb

Also mimicking Thomas Edison’s bulb light, this bulb is a timeless classic and sure to breathe life into any E36 screw base room it lights up in. the clear glass is dimmable and can be acquired in different shapes and can be used in different type of lamp fixtures such as table lamps, pendant lights, decorative adornment and even wall scones. The filament design (old squirrel cage) makes the bulb easy on the eyes and ensures it will stay in style for years to come.

Edison Bulb, FadimiKoo Vintage Bulb

Dim this bulb down and you will get Goosebumps from how retro the room feels all of a sudden. While the bulbs are amazing in indoor and outdoor lighting, pendant lighting and wall scones they can also be used to bring a different vibe in business places like bars or in booths at hotels or coffee shops. The sixty-watt bulb has a long lifespan and will serve you for a long time to come without losing the brightness.

DORES shop Vintage Edison LED Light bulb

You should Plan ahead for the festive season this year with this beautiful light that lets of a vintage Aura every time you switch it on. The incandescent, twenty-five watt Edison bulb, is replaced with this and saves you a lot of energy as it only uses three watts; that is over ninety percent of savings the next time you get your power bill.

Ascher E12 LED Classic Candelabra Clear Light Bulb

With over thirty thousand of operation hours, this eco-friendly bulb is your best bet for the buck after it is screwed onto an E12 base. It is the best to fit in your home because it does not contain mercury or lead making it super safe for indoor or closed spaces.