About Us

NewlyLights which specializes in lighting products’ wholesale in a small amount and retail business is a small family-run company that was established over 20 years ago. Whether decorates your home, shops or large commercial buildings with lighting, we shall offer you the best lighting needed and most importantly, you are able to purchase in a small quantity at the lowest cost.

We work with diversified domestic and international manufacturers to provide you with most reliable and up-to-date lighting products.

In addition to supply lighting products, we also offer technical support, customer services, valuable experiences and reliability.

Many lighting factories supply us directly and we’re in a very close and long-term relationship with them. With this advantage, we can assure you to get the best warranty on all lighting products purchased from us. We provide products and support on all lighting related items, such as Indoor Lighting, Outdoor Lighting, Automotive Lighting and Marine Lighting.

We also provide various special lighting. Please advise us if any item you’re looking for is not on our shelves. We’ll provide you with convenience and on time delivery.

For more information, please feel free to send us an email at support@newlylights.com

Please inform us what you need in particular. We will present you with our knowledge and expertise to save your valuable time and money.