Driving car in foggy conditions is risky, but in many cases we still have to drive as we have to reach our destination at the earliest. To enable good vision even in foggy conditions, good amount of investment is required for purchasing LED fog lights for car. Fog lights are intended to provide good visibility to drivers. Nevertheless, they also make other drivers, who are driving in opposite direction, aware of the car coming ahead. As a result, it saves or protects the drivers from facing fatal head on collision.

Crucial Tips for Buying LED Fog Lights for Car

Importance of having good automobile fog light should be understood by everyone. Since the LED fog lights for car can potentially save you from major accidental cases by endowing you good visibility in foggy conditions, they have to be chosen with perfection. There should be absolutely no compromise in this case. Intensity of fog lights should be greater than normal car head lights. Normal lights are good to provide vision in normal conditions. But, in the foggy nights, driving would become difficult or impossible without having good quality fog lights. Preferable color for fog light is generally yellow. However, other color options are available.

The most important factors for buying LED fog lights for car are light intensity, durability and battery saving performance. In order to save battery, LED lights are used. They do not get heated up and thus they do not drain battery swiftly. Even if you are planning for driving long hours in fog, you would not find battery charge related issues with LED fog lights, provided your car’s battery is fully charged.

In the following section, let us find some of the best products that can be used as LED fog lights for car. Various options for products are there for the users. Here only a few products are highlighted, as per their performance, quality and other important parameters.

1. SUNPIE 4” LED Lights for Jeep – LED Fog Lamp

SUNPIE 4” LED Lights for Jeep – LED Fog Lamp

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Good Things: If you have to drive in foggy conditions at night or during dusky evening, you should bolster car’s visibility with good quality LED fog lights for car. For this purpose, this product is recommended. It comes with 4 inch radius round LED bulbs, which can be fixed at the front of the car. Strong luminance and seamless visibility in foggy conditions are assured by this product. The product shows affordability. Being equipped with LED bulbs, it will give excellent cost-effectiveness. It will save your power consumption and thus you do not have to change battery of your car frequently. It will also provide powerful visibility in haze or fog.

Shortcomings: Two 30 Watt high output LED lights are there, offering heavy-duty performance with limited battery consumption. Along with many benefits these LED fog lights for car come with certain drawbacks. Some of the drawbacks include difficult in installation and incompatibility with many automobiles. Ideally, the product has been manufactured to suit jeep cars. For other cars, you need to select other available options at the marketplace.

Conclusion: If you are searching for good quality fog lights for your car, this is definitely the product to watch out for. It comes with some terrific feature, like pair of LED bulbs, powerful light, low battery consumption, excellent visibility in offering and many other advantages. Judging all the aspects, this product can certainly be recommended to the buyers. For installation, help of the mechanic can be sought, since many users often face compatibility as well as installation issues.

2. Nilight 2 PCS 18 W Spot Driving Fog Light – LED Lights with Bar Mounting

Nilight 2 PCS 18 W Spot Driving Fog Light – LED Lights with Bar Mounting

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Good Things: If you are searching for good quality LED fog lights for car, specifically for your jeep, you can certainly go for this product. It comes with powerful 18 Watts LED lights. They offer excellent illumination in poor visibility conditions at road due to fog. LED lights ensure no heating related issues. At the same time, they ensure that limited battery has been consumed by the car. So, overall, the product can be recognized as durable. It can easily be mounted on the front bar of your car. Ideally, the product has been made for Jeeps, but it also works perfectly with SUVs.

Shortcomings: 18 Watts power seems to be the major shortcoming of the product. Though the intensity of light is quite good, but in dense foggy conditions, more powerful lights are required. This product is good for low foggy conditions, especially during daytime. Night fogs get thicker and thus visibility becomes very low. In such cases more powerful LED fog lights for car have been required. There are many other products at marketplace, offering more powerful lights to the buyers.

Conclusion: At conclusion, it has to be stated that this is a good option if you are searching for high quality LED fog lights for car. The product is perfectly compatible with jeeps and SUVs. For installation, there is no hassle. The only drawback is that it does not give great visibility in intense fog. So, keeping this aspect in mind before buying the product is suggested.

3. Alla Lighting Extremely Super Bright High Power 80 W – LED Fog Lights

Alla Lighting Extremely Super Bright High Power 80 W – LED Fog Lights

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Good Things: These LED fog lights for car are easy to mount on the front bar of the car. They come with powerful 80 Watts lights which give excellent illumination. As a result of the powerful lighting, excellent visibility can be attained while driving through dense foggy roads. It is compatible with many vehicles. It comes with many interesting ranges of features as well as options. LED lights can provide heavy duty performance without getting heated up. Since there is lesser heating, lesser battery energy has been consumed.

Shortcomings: Apparently, putting a harsh criticism on this excellent and posh product would be injustice. Apart from high price, there is no such shortcoming with this product.

Conclusion: At the conclusion note, it has to be stated that this product is one of the best LED fog lights for car. High intensity lights give excellent visibility in dense fog, yet battery consumption is surprisingly low.