Outdoor Lights

The most effective options for outdoor wall lights

Outdoor lighting is an effective way of enhancing the beauty of your home as well as ensuring safety and security. The needs of having an outdoor light are varied and one needs to have an understanding of them to be able to choose the right fit for the home. Most of the outdoor lighting is fixed for a longer period of time and hence it is important that one chooses the right lighting. There are few aspects which need to be considered and understood when fixing upon the outdoor lighting.

  • Size and the placement: Be clear on where you would want to position the outdoor lighting. Would it be for illuminating the parking lot, the porch or the walk way. This would help to understand what would be the extant of the place available there by determine the size of the outdoor light.
  • Style: The outdoor lightings can wither be traditional, modern or a hybrid variety. The style of the lights ought to be complementing the style of the home. Getting the most exquisitely designed outdoor wall light would be of no use if that does not blend well with the surroundings.
  • Climatic factors: Outdoor lights are exposed to the nature. It is important to buy the lights keeping the weather and the climate in mind so that they last longer. Most of the outdoor lights these days come with coating which will help to resist the corroding elements of the nature. Factors such as the winds play a key role in determining the position of the lamps to be placed. Check for the UL (Underwriters laboratory) rating which is based on if the location of the lamps would be wet or dry.
  • Controls: Technology has helped in bringing controls to the outdoor lighting setup. Few of these controls include dimmer, Timers, motion sensors, dusk to dawn lights etc.

Here are few of the best Outdoor wall lights that are available in the market.

1. Progress Lighting P5607-09 Wall Lantern with Clear Glass & Brushed Nickel

This lamp is small and compact and would be a great fixture to you wall. Square shaped it has nickel finish which helps to sustain from withering, It is encased in clear glass and has dimensions of 4 inch by width and 8 inch by height. A 100 watt bulb can be placed inside this lantern for illumination. The clear glass works perfectly resulting in very minimal loss of illumination. It come with a brass coated back guard is pre installed which helps in fixing the lantern to the wall and protect it.

Progress Lighting P5607 09 Wall Lantern with Clear Glass Brushed Nickel
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2. URPower 20 LED outdoor solar motion sensor lights

These solar powered lights are an effective way of conserving energy. These lights are easy to install as there is no wiring involved. These outdoor wall lights are waterproof and durable. The motion sensor would mean that these lights would illuminate once any movement is sense and switch off within 20 seconds after the movement is stopped thereby saving energy. These lights would be a great addition to the porch or a walkway.

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3. Hyperikon LED Security Light

These lights are high on energy savings and last a very long time (45,000 hours). These light sense the light levels and the motion to switch on and switch off there by reducing manual effort by you. This Outdoor wall lights are highly durable and have an IP65 waterproof certification which means that they can withstand weather conditions like snow, sleet or rain.

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