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Things to Know When You Want to Purchase Instrument Cluster Bulbs

Instrument cluster lighting is common for various purposes, but these can be extensively found in the commercial places. For example, automobile production industry or pumping manufacturing industry has extensive use of the instrument cluster bulbs. They should look appealing in order to enhance the beauty of your instruments. At the same time, they give visibility as well as indication to the users on low light or dark conditions. However, apart from their beauty, illumination power should also be taken in account. They must be harmless for eyes – soothing enough so that one can check them in dark comfortably.

Tips for Buying Instrument Cluster Bulbs

When it comes to buying instrument cluster bulbs, you will find plenty of options in the marketplace. Choosing a perfect instrument cluster bulbs depends on your budget basically. From low budget to high – options are plenty. So, you need to set your budget first. Once you know your budget, search cluster lamps according to that. You will surely be able to come up with some excellent options. In general, traditional tungsten or halogen based study lamps are budget-friendly. But, they have drawbacks. They get heated up easily. If you go for the modernized LED based desk lamp, you have to allot a higher budget. However, plenty of advantages are there.

Broadly, instrument cluster bulbs can be divided in two sections, in terms of the lighting specification. The first type is traditional instrument cluster bulbs and the other one is LED based lighting. Traditional lamps are budget-friendly and easily available in the marketplace. But, the advantage with LED lamp is that they are power saving. LED lamps are costly, but once you install them you do not need to change them or repair them for years. Generally, LED lamps can serve as long as 15-20 years and even more.

Important Specifications of Instrument Cluster Bulbs

Illumination of LED lamps is also very soothing for the eyes. They are harmless for your eye and do not get heated up. The illumination remains smooth and soothing for the eyes. Not only the LEDs are known for their power consumption capabilities, they are also long lasting.

Recommended Products

When it comes to purchasing instrument cluster bulbs, buyers would come across many kinds of products at the marketplace. Those products are poised with exceptional features to serve the purpose of buyers. In the following section, let us find some recommended products.

1. Partsam T10 194 LED Light Bulb for Instrument Panel

Partsam T10 194 LED Light Bulb for Instrument Panel
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This is set of instrument cluster bulbs that will definitely serve your purpose with perfection. The product set features LED bulbs and thus they are power saving. They are quite cost-affordable as well. Lighting color is notably blue.

  • SPECIAL T10 LED BULBS WITH TWIST LOCK DESIGN, including ten 194 168 T10 instrument panel dashboard LED light bulbs and 10 twist lock for f150, Honda and many other cars. LED Type: T10 6 SMD 3528 LED Chips. LED light color: blue.
  • WIDE APPLICATION RANGE: can fit well for map light, dome light, dashboard lights or license plate light, or trunk light etc. (Depending on the model of your car, some fit more than 1 position. Please double check user manual before purchase.)
  • IDEAL REPLACEMENT FOR ALL T10 WEDGE TYPE: T10 model type is easily integrated as a replacement for the following bulb model numbers: T10, 194, 168, 158, W5W 161B, 168, 168A, 168NA, 175, 192, 193, 194, 194B, 194G, 194NA, 194R, 2821, 2825
  • EASY INSTALLATION, JUST PLUG AND PLAY. Direct Replacement, no wire required, very faster on or off response time and vibration resistant. Energy-saving, low temperature, low power consumption, long-lasting Life, great replacement instrument dashboard led light bulbs.
  • IMPORTANT NOTICE: If the LED does not light up, simply rotating it 180 degrees (reverse the polarity).

2. PA 6 x T10 168 194 LED Instrument Panel Dash Light Bulb

PA 6 x T10 168 194 LED Instrument Panel Dash Light Bulb
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Some of the features of this product include high brightness, various color options, low power consumption and high durability. Being equipped with LED lights, this product confirms the best lost lasting capability. Nevertheless, instrument cluster bulbs will stay illuminated without being heated up.

  • Surface Finish:4pcs (3528) SMD LED
  • Volaget:12VDC
  • Base : T10 194 168 #555 ….
  • LED Qty:4PCS TOP:4PCS(3528 SMD)
  • Emitted Color: White / Red / Blue / Green / Pink / Purple / Ice Blue

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