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Tips to select the best LED lights for trucks

LED lights have become an important necessity for the trucks. You can use them for pleasure, work or both. They are perfect for illuminating a work site, spotting games or brightening dark roads. There is a huge variety of LED lights for trucks available in the market. They have different styles, shapes, brightness and build qualities. It is important that you buy the best LED lights for trucks for reliable performance. Here is a guide to help you select the best item.


First, you have to consider the brightness of the light because it will help you determine whether you can use it for work or not. Know how many lumens a light can produce because it determines the brightness of the product. The best range is between 1200 to 2000. Also, consider the optics of the LED lights.


You have to pay attention to the durability of the LED lights that you are planning to buy. Pay attention to material that is used for manufacturing the LED lights. Off the road, traveling is dangerous because there will be branches and stones hitting the lights. Assure that your LED lights can easily tolerate the impacts.


One of the most important things to consider is the warranty of the product.

  • Assure that company provides the coverage for the repairing the lights
  • There should be at least 10 years warranty with the product
  • It is better that you look for the LED lights that come with a lifetime warranty
  • Pay attention to what warranty will cover


Assure that you select the LED lights that have been produced with waterproof material. They should moisture and dust resistant because that is the only way lights will serve you for a long time. Look for the LED lights for trucks that come with the IP68 rating. Some of the best lights on the market are

Two are better than one

Most of the truck drivers make the mistake of installing only one LED light. They do not understand that have two lights is better than one because it will provide more brightness and you will clearly see what is in front of you. Most of the truck drivers say that buying two lights is expensive they do not know that it is a lifetime investment.

Types of LED lights

It is important that you should know about the types of LED lights available in the market. Here are some of the common types that you should consider.

  • Mini light bars also called light pods
  • Low-profile light bars that are 6 to 20 inches
  • Full size LED lights
  • Off-road LED lights

Bottom line

While selecting the LED lights for trucks assure that you pay attention to the reviews of previous customers. It will give you the best idea about the quality and durability of the LED lights that you are planning to buy. Assure to check the price of the product and buy the one that you can easily afford. You can compare the price of different LED lights and it will allow you to buy the one that meets your requirements perfectly. Get the LED lights installed by a professional so that you will get the best performance.

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